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Robert and Roald have been working on an exceptionally beautiful project in 2014 as independent contractors and continued to work together on many other projects. Doing very well, we decided to form a new company in 2017. 

We are fully insured, including 3rd. party liability and are registered with the WSIB. Roald Smith is registered with TARION and authorized to build new homes.

Robert Ritter

Robert began his career in the arts & crafts industry in Hamburg, Germany and London, England, eventually manufacturing and marketing his own designs in large retail venues across Germany.

Restless and adventurous, he traveled to the US, learning the North American ways of building, took part in a restoration team, returning the famous mansion of Corbin Bushrod to its former glory. Robert worked on renovation projects in Indiana, West Virginia, New Jersey and New York City.

He settled in Toronto, working as a carpenter for Walder & McSweeney, learned the principles of wood stud construction from a Scottish Master Carpenter and was inspired by Brian Walmsley's construction geometry. Robert studied with the renowned home inspector George Papas of Toronto, and on the side learned the art of furniture making from a Japanese teacher, before starting his own small construction company.

The rhythm of the construction sequence:

Over time, Robert learned what it takes to build a project from the ground up, direct and coordinate trades, sub-trades and building professionals, to assure that the details drawn out by architects, engineers and designers will be realized as planned, and as expected by the owners of a residential project.

Favorite aims and values in construction:

Beauty. The Golden Mean. Timeless quality. Form and function. Highly skilled leadership. Building lasting value. Being accountable from start to finish. 

Roald Smith

Roald is an experienced builder, with a passion for construction he had since his childhood in Namibia, a small country just north of South Africa.

He draws on a life long inspiration from his grandfather, who taught him the principles of ensuring quality, integrity, and orderliness, which is integral to Roald's work, as well as to his personal life.

Roald's journey to Canada began right after school when he joined his older sister in Europe for travel and to gain work experience. He met his Canadian wife in Ireland; they started a family, and he obtained the Canadian Citizenship.

With a gift for math, Roald at first studied chartered accounting, but was drawn back to the love of working with his hands. Seeing something being build from the ground up and taking shape to the finished product, brings a deep satisfaction to Roald.

Progressive, curious, focused and determined, even when life flings curve balls at you. 

Roald realized his dream to run his own company.

He quickly gained a reputation, mostly through happy customers who praised the quality, and ensuring longevity for all his projects.

The construction Industry is shaped by new methods and products always popping up and requires continuous innovation and flexibility.